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Fan Marketer

Social media fan pages have become the sources of new customers. Marketers have an intention to grow their fan pages as quickly as possible. More grown pages indicate more potential customers. If you also have the same target. Fan Marketer can be recommended. This is a famous Facebook fan page autopilot solution.

A Small Review of Fan Marketer

There are so many social media fan page automation solutions. Many of those are not fully automated. That is why, you will get betrayed after purchasing any of those. But if you are a busy person, it is better to purchase a fully automated solution for this task. The Fan Marketer is one of the best apps for this task. Plenty of features are offered by this product and very attractive pricing is set for it. So, purchase the social media traffic tool software with discount and get Fan Marketer coupon. Here are some main features and facilities of this solution:

Useful Content Curation

You don’t have to update any setting of Fan Marketer every day or week. Only a one time set up procedure should be completed for this one. After this setting up process, this software will complete all its tasks automatically. It will never ask for any manual update or suggestions. It has the ability to flow huge number of new fans every day to the targeted social media pages. Hundreds of new fans can be generated by it per day. For attracting and engaging more customers, content curation is very important. For this feature, Fan Marketer can easily post desired photos, videos, and links to the targeted Facebook pages. Hence, those pages will grow very quickly.

Custom Engagement Facility

Fans will comment on various posts on a page. And they like to be treated individually. That means, you have to reply them regularly. By doing so, it is possible to increase the engagement rate of every fan. This important task can be done by using Fan Marketer. This impressive software can reply to their comments automatically. You can set different comments for different campaigns. This software will deal with those campaigns very efficiently. Posting speed can also be controlled by the Fan Marketer. For this feature, you will be able to set the speed of automatic posting to every fan page.

Pricing and Discount

Only two different licenses are available for this software and each of these licenses is cost effective. You can purchase the 1000 Fans License by paying only $9.95 per month. This one is actually recommended for smaller campaigns. But for large campaigns, unlimited fans should be the target. To deal with these campaigns, you can choose the Unlimited Fan License of this software. According to 3 June 2017, lifetime cost of this Fan Marketer license is only $47 without the discount. Actual costs of both licenses are higher than the current costs. That is why, it is the right time to purchase any of these products.

Therefore please purchase nicely with the Fan Marketer discount. Buy social media traffic tool software with the coupon.