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Exabytes Pricing

Exabytes and Its Activities

Without the presence of the web hosting, the term web industry can’t be fulfilled. To establish this section with the full functionality, Exabytes is an effective platform to the users. It has been providing the web hosting solutions since 2001. From that time, it is trying to provide the user friendly web hosting terms, domain name registration process etc. In the web hosting, there exist a lot of variations like cloud based hosting, dedicated server based hosting, VPS hosting etc. Now Exabytes is providing the hosting activities to more than 75,000 customers almost in 121 countries. The registered domain is at least 60,000 under this platform. It has already covered more than 1,000,000 email accounts and 100,000 websites. The data centers of this company are situated on USA and from this section it is assuring the best customer support and the facilities. Hence, get the powerful web hosting solution with pricing and avail the Exabytes.

The Web Hosting plans under this

In the web hosting plan under Exabytes, there exist two packages. The first one is the Small Business based web hosting for the Windows platform. The Second one term is suitable with the Linux based hosting. The Windows based section offers two packages like EBiz Plus and EBiz Gold. The EBiz Plus offers 10 GB disk space, 50 GB data transfer system, unlimited email accounts, sub domains and so on. On the contrary, EBiz Gold offers some other additional features like it includes a free domain, 300 GB data transfer system etc.


To purchase these two packages, you will have to pay $4.65/month and $7.75/month in a 2 year contract policy. The Linux section includes three plans. These are: EBiz Plus, EBiz Gold and EBiz Gold Unlimited. Among all of these three plans, EBiz Gold Unlimited is very effective for the professional use. It includes unlimited disk space, free domain name and some other conditions for unlimited facilities. In case of purchasing these three packages, you will have to offer $4.65/month, $7.65/month and $8.65/month.

Other features issued by Exabytes

Exabytes also offers some other facilities like domain name registration process, cloud based hosting, managed hosting, server management process, reseller hosting and other related terms. In the domain name registration case, a lot of names are available on this platform like.com, .net, .org, .in, .biz, etc. All of these domain names can be registered for various conditions like a single year registration process and this can be managed for maximum 10 years. Exabytes also ensures some other facilities like email marketing system and the SEO process with the built-in tools. After that, the data backup process is also available here. So, you can restore the needed data in the needed data store to use them at the critical time.

Accordingly, please buy nicely with the Exabytes pricing. Pick powerful web hosting solution with the review.