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eSyndiCat Review

eSyndiCat and the overview under this

In the web industry, directory based site is very popular with the users. In this case, many software tools can be engaged. Among of these tools, eSyndiCat is a reliable solution. eSyndiCat is considered as a directory based program which holds all the needed functions. This business directory software program offers the needed activities by which you can maintain the online based directory solution. This is designed with the custom based SEO functions. Through the support of this, you can simply manage the listing process of the businesses and the activities of business event management process. In such way, please buy the powerful affordable web php directory software with review and get the eSyndiCat.

Available Products under eSyndiCat

eSyndiCat Bidding Directory Script: To launch any bid directory website, this script is very supportive. This script sorts the available links by depending on the bid amount and the bid demand. This automated system affords the simple functions for the advertisers as they can submit the needed links and updated them at any moment. This Bidding solution is supportable for the available plugin and the template. It assures the automatic link building activities while maintaining the payment system through PayPal, 2checkout, Moneybookers, Alertpay and so on. Besides, the alphabetic navigation system for the bidding system can be maintained perfectly under this. After that, the custom based bidding templates are offered here with the needed activities.

Article Directory Software

For managing the article based website, eSyndiCat Article Directory Script can be used. By using this, the users can come to the corresponding site with the needed content they have written. After that, it assures the way to generate the contents in an automatic process. These activities are designed in such a way that, you can manage the SEO functions in a user friendly way.

Business Directory Software

At this time, the business directory is getting more popular. To manage the directory based website, this script is very helpful. It offers the sequential way to publish the online based directory without having any technical knowledge. By using this, you can easily manage the business list conducting process, business event organization process and related terms. eSyndiCat Business Directory solution ensures the way to submit the information in a direct process.

The pricing condition under eSyndiCat

All the available packages under eSyndiCat include four packages. For single site, you need to pay $75. For maintaining 5 sites, $249 is needed. For 10 sites, $399 is needed to afford. For unlimited sites, $749 is needed to pay. All the packages offer the flexible payment system. Besides, you can assure the needed payment process according to the need. After that, services offered by eSyndiCat are very trusted and reliable. So, the users can simply depend on this platform to manage the directory website.

Hence, buy nicely with the eSyndiCat review. Pick powerful affordable web php directory software with the pricing.