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Elite Email Review

Elite Email Review and Its Functionalities

To grow up the online based business solution, email marketing system is a crying need for the users. In the email marketing software industry, Elite Email is a trusted platform. It approves the powerful email marketing tools by which any user can simply conduct the email creating system with the flexible sending process to the actual recipients. Besides, it affords a lot of templates with the build in functions. All the impressive activities are issued here with the reliable functions. Moreover, all these processes are managed and reported through the sequential analysis process. Accordingly, get the effective email marketing software with review and have the Elite Email.

The available features

Email creating and sending: Elite Email offers the needed features and the conditions with the step by step format. To create the innovative newsletter, all the user friendly templates are issued here. Under this platform, you will get almost 400 templates with various color combinations and the drag and drop method. To customize the available newsletter with the content and other files, all the helpful tools are assured here. To maintain the text formation and image storage system, it includes various types of buttons, personalization system and other conditions. After creating the emails, the email sending process will be appeared. In this category, you will get some steps to customize the subscribed users. The email sending process can be controlled with the scheduling format.

Elite Email

List Management: To enable this term, all the powerful tools are offered here. To build up the strong relationship with the available subscribers, the flexible mailing list organization system is offered. The users don’t need to worry about the size of the mailing list as it is controlled in an automatic way. Besides, new contacts capturing process, auto welcome email and other conditions are provided with built-in format. Besides, the extend system of the email marketing system can be gained through the sharing process on the social networking site like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ etc.

Tracking: To track down the result of the email sending process, some built-in templates are available under Elite Email. After handling this issue, it offers the reporting condition to the users with the proper results. Moreover, in the delivery section, it maintains the best activities with the security system.

Available packages and the prices

Elite Email issues two conditions in the package distribution system. The first one is the Monthly Subscription and another is Pay As You Go. In the Monthly package, by providing $15, you can send out unlimited emails to 501-1,000 email addresses. For the email address of 10,001-25,000, you will have to pay only $140. On Pay As You Go package, by issuing $310, 50,000 credits are available while including the cost of $6.20/thousand.

Hence, please buy nicely with the Elite Email review. Make purchase of powerful effective email marketing software with the pricing.