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Ecwid discount

Ecwid and the summary of this

In maintaining the commerce activities with the full functions, we need to rely on some needed terms. Among all of them, the shopping cart integration process is a needed one. To assure the flexible activities in this section, Ecwid is very reliable to the users. This is considered as a shopping cart system and this can be integrated with the corresponding website for maintaining the flexible selling process.

Besides, it can also be integrated with the social media based networks like Facebook or the Myspace. To start up the activities of this solution, you just need to create an account in Ecwid. After that, you need to login into the Ecwid account where you will get the control panel section. Here, the dashboard page section will be appeared from which you need to select the needed integration code. In the last case, the copied code is needed to paste into the source code. In the catalog page section of Ecwid, the users can easily observe some demo products which can be removed and here you can add the own products. So, purchase the powerful secure ecommerce shopping cart with discount and get Ecwid coupon.

The features offered by this solution

Ecwid issues the features with various category systems. These categories are:

Basic features: Ecwid can be installed freely while choosing the needed plan from the available plans. Besides, you can build up the store to the multiple blogs, sites and the social networks. The integration process of Ecwid can be managed with the corresponding site in a quick process.

Customer experience: To assure the flexible shopping system of the customers, Ecwid is very helpful. By using the drag and drop system, you can choose the needed products in the cart from the available product list. Besides, easy checkout system is also enabled here. To save the needed address of the customers, it offers an address book section where the needed address can be saved. After that, the section of language selection can also be enabled through this.Please maintain the store management system, it offers some needed terms like track inventory system, managing process of the product option, selling process of the digital good and so on.

Ecwid discount

The prices under Ecwid and Discount

Ecwid offers four packages and these packages are: Free, Venture, Business and Unlimited. In the Free plan, you can set up maximum 10 products. In Venture package, $15/month is needed to pay and it offers 100 products set up system. Business package is available to set up 2500 products and to purchase this you need to pay only $35/month. For Unlimited package, $99/month is needed to pay and under this package, there is no limitation in the product selecting category.

So, buy nicely with the Ecwid discount. Purchase powerful secure ecommerce shopping cart with the coupon.