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eConnectEmail review

eConnectEmail and the Review

Our present time is totally dependent on the online system. In fact; the online system helps us to maintain all the needed tasks in an easy way especially in the web section. In the web section, ecommerce section is a popular one. To maintain all the needed tasks in the ecommerce section, email marketing system is very helpful. To manage the email marketing system in an easy manner, we can rely on eConnectEmail. From here, purchase the powerful web based email marketing software with review and get the eConnectEmail.

This active solution offers the way to engage the best email marketing campaign and the related functions. Through this, the users can simply assure the email marketing system between the clients and the customers. With the helpful support of this email marketing tool, you can ensure the social media site integration process and the best profit from the corresponding ecommerce site.

Main activities offered by this solution

List management system is an effective condition under this solution. Through this, the users can easily manage the subscriber list managing process with the flexible import or export system. The available subscriber list can be organized easily through the touch of this. After that, the auto responder system is also available here with the best management system. Besides, the delivery system of the email message can be organized through eConnectEmail in an effective way.


The available features offered by this program

Campaigning system: The best performance of any email marketing solution depends on the campaigning process. To enable this system, it offers all the sequential steps. In the campaigning system, it affords the A/B Split testing process and the proper balanced controlling system of the email messages.

Customize the emails: The available email messages can be customized with the flexible tools of this solution. Due to this facility, the subscribers can be modified with the needed conditions. After that, you can customize the emails with the default templates. The built-in templates ensure the way to make the proper modification of the email messages.

Auto responder system and timing format: The auto responder system is a needed one term under any email marketing program and it is managed through this. Here, the timing format can be customized with the user’s choice. In the timing section, you can assure the auto email sending process to the defined subscribers. Due to this facility, the users don’t need to send out the emails manually.

Pricing issues under eConnectEmail

To ensure 0-500 subscribers, you will have to pay $18 by including the spending limit of 2,500. But this package can be used with the unlimited condition by paying $58. For the subscribers 2,501-5,000, you need to pay $98 by maintaining 25,000 sending limit conditions. But by paying $198, unlimited facilities can be obtained.

In such way, please get nicely with the eConnectEmail review. Purchase powerful web based email marketing software with the pricing.