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ClipsReel Discount

Review of ClipsReel

People who generally dislike creating videos will find ClipsReel to be perfect for their business and lead gaining needs. It’s perfect for these users because in today’s time there’s too much demand for creativity while making videos. Trying to find creativity for short videos is never a worthy thing to work on, especially when reward is low. Hence, to be instantly rewarded, ClipsReel puts video URL and runs it by using A.I technology for harvesting leads. Extra investments on video editing and learning creativity aren’t necessary anymore as this software performs both, and contributes even more. With ClipsReel, all product information and their operation description are transformable to highly engaging animation. So, please purchase the automated video generation software with discount and avail the ClipsReel coupon.

URL to Traffic

ClipsReel works sequentially, and to start operating, users need to paste their articles or their blog posts’ URL links. The link pasted can be product pages too, and some of these product pages includes eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and AliExpress. The second phase works in automated manner where the application merges the best points from contents and produces a video. The final phase gives the option for implementing music to users’ videos to make it immersive. Also, in the final part, more customizable options will be available which includes human voice-overs, subtitles, trademark logo etc. After final editing is finished, the created video will become downloadable and sharable on platforms like Facebook and YouTube.


System Functionality

The first section that’ll be selected when ClipsReel is turned on is the Dashboard section. The Dashboard section will be the central hub for the users to check different activities throughout the application. Some of these activities would be: overall video campaign numbers, the total remaining videos which’re pending, and total successful results. Underneath the Dashboard section there’ll be a time graph showing the correlation between the videos created and creation date. The Manage Video section displays the thumbnails of the videos and has added icons showing: edit, delete, and share options. Create Video section has various options to add style like: position for icons, frames for the video etc.

ClipsReel Discount and Price Plan

ClipsReel is delivered by Abhi Dwivedi and has available plans such as Single for $35.99, and Multi for $36.99 except the discount. Single plan allows ten renders every day, and Multi plan allows hundreds renders daily. Multi plan further adds benefits like forty thousand images and five thousand video clips inside ImageLibrary and VideoLibrary. The A.I Technology mentioned before contributes to converting texts to understandable speech in fourteen unique voices and accents. Lastly, fifty stylish professional video frames, and fifty more designs for text and graphics are provided within the packages.

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