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ClickKosh Discount

Normally we use the images to make any site more attractive. It is possible to increase the engaging rates of these images. In doing so, I recommend to use ClickKosh. This advanced solution is capable of converting a simple image into a profit pulling hotspot.

Review and Features of ClickKosh

Nowadays, every professional website has some eye-catching images and videos. That is why, it is tough to promote a product by using just images. But, if you can use an image more efficiently, it is possible to do so. ClickKosh will help you to do that. This powerful solution is one of the very few tools, which can create some clickable image hotspot from any ordinary image. Please get the online social media marketing tool with discount and take the ClickKosh coupon. It comes with so many features and facilities. Some of these features are:

Promote Various Products

An eye-catching image can hold a visitor for a longer period. If you can add a hotspot on each of these images, then that will convert more. To complete this task with ClickKosh, you just have to go through three easy steps. This solution is capable of working with all kinds of images. First of all, one image should be uploaded. This image should be relevant to the targeted sales campaign. After uploading, you can click any place on that image to add a hotspot. To mark that hotspot, different types of icons can be used. ClickKosh provides a large library of icons. Any relevant icon can be placed on this image. And finally, you can add the promotional link with that hotspot. Any product or service can be promoted by this technique.


Some Advanced Features

There are some other ordinary tools, which can be used for promoting any product. These tools can use one photo for promoting only one product. But, this tool will let you promote multiple products with the same image. This tool can be integrated with different platforms. It can drive a huge traffic on every type of websites and blogs. Even, you can use this drive traffic to any partner website. One of the main targets of ClickKosh is to attract more mobile visitors. That is why, this solution uses the mobile friendly images. Sometimes, it can be necessary to customize some images before using. In these cases, there is no need to use any additional image editing solution. This tool has a built in image editing tool to do so.

Pricing Options and ClickKosh Discount

Two types of domains are available for this solution. ClickKosh 3 Domains License is available for $27 only. Sometimes, you may need to use this one more domains. In these cases, the 10 Domains License is more suitable. According to 31 December 2017, this license is available for only $59 without the discount. Both these licenses are capable of creating unlimited hotspots. ClickKosh can also add multiple clicking options on a single image. That means, it can allow an image to convert more. Along with some image hotspots, this solution will also let you generate some clickable banners.

Therefore, please purchase nicely with the ClickKosh discount. Kindly Purchase online social media marketing tool with the coupon.