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ClickCease Discount

ClickCease Review

ClickCease is a program that has been designed to stop the fraud click bate. There are a lot of click frauds generated from a computer that is used to attack the online business of the users. The click frauds attacks the links and processes a lot of invalid and computer generated clicks. Users may feel they are achieving the target from the campaign, but the real story is different. We need the real customers to click on our advertisement. In order to do that, we need to stop all kinds click frauds. It can be done by ClickCease. So, buy the click fraud detection & protection software with discount and avail the ClickCease coupon.

Important Abilities

ClickCease has a lot of features that can be used to stop the click frauds. One of the ability is to monitor the click fraud 24 hours. It is very hard for the users to monitor the click fraud and it is time consuming. However, it is much easier when an application monitoring the click fraud for 24 hours a day every day. It saves a lot of time and makes it easier for the users to prevent click fraud. It makes the work much more time efficient.


So users can block the blacklisted attacker or the sites with this tool in order to prevent the click fraud. The program provides automated prevention from any kind of click fraud. The system can determine the attacker and hide the ads as soon as attackers want to attack. It will help to evade the click fraud from all kinds of attackers. So it makes assurance of the safety of the ads.

Ads are created in order to get traffic on the site. It is one of the essential elements for making sales. If the 40 percent respondents of ads are computer generated users will lose a lot of money. Therefore, ClickCease will automatically apply for refunds in every 2 months. So that users do not lose their money. The detection rules are another addition to this tool. The custom detection rule allows the users to personalize the ad campaign. It is so that only the customers can view the ads.


ClickCease offers the user reports about actions. In order to determine the attackers users need the detailed report. This program will provide report in it there will be IP Address, Location, Keywords and many more. The recording of the visiting time of the visitors on the site can help users to determine the real visitors. This program offers the ability as named “Fraud Recording”.

ClickCease Discount and Pricing

ClickCease generally provides 2 different packages. One is called the basic package. It is priced at only 15 dollars per month. The other one is named as standard package. The standard package is priced at 50 dollars per month without the discount. The price varies for both of these packages.

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