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Chargify Review

Chargify and the Activities of this

In the case of subscription billing activities, Chargify is an active solution to the users. It is defined as an online based billing software program and it is applied to fulfill the needs of recurring billing. It can simply automate the billing and the billing related email system. This platform is expert enough to assure the best services in recurring billing. This is a secured one which has the ability to conduct the billing activities after maintaining the proper auditing and verification process. By using this, you can consider that the available data of the customers are in safe mood. A lot of businesses are depending on this as it manages more than $500 in a year in the case of monthly recurring based revenue. Besides, it is also approved by the developers. Please, purchase the billing & revenue management platform with review and avail the Chargify.

The full summery on Chargify

Chargify offers all the features in a sequential term. While signup into this, you will be able to access into the available plan with the needed add-ons, coupon system and the tax management process. By suing the built-in sign up functions, you can send out the custom email with the custom format. This format can be managed by using the API system in this. To maintain the best relationship with the customers, all the supportive tools are provided here and these tools are very helpful to maintain the subscriber’s account section.


The features offered by this solution

Chargify offers the user friendly sign process for the customers by which you can simply maintain a good relationship with your customers. To send out the statements, notices, marketing emails, invoices and other terms, it offers the needed conditions.

Billing system and subscriber management: It issues the accurate billing procedure by providing the needed information. After that in the subscriber management section, you will get the term of managing the needed plan with the up-gradation process.

Business overview: In this section, you will get the option of getting the overview about the active subscriber revenue and the activity based performance. In the customer management case, the term of managing the payment system, credit system, refund methods are available. Besides, the term of analyzing on the business terms is also available.

Packages of Chargify and the prices

Chargify issues four different packages. These packages are: New Idea, Small Business, Small Business+ and Growing Business. To get the package of New IDEA, you need to pay $65. In the package of Small Business, $129 is needed to pay. $169 is needed while purchasing the package of Small Business+. For the Growing Business section, you will have to pay only $459. All these pricing conditions are available for a single month basis.

From here, nicely with the Chargify review. Make purchase of billing & revenue management platform with the pricing.