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CanvasFlip Coupon

Nowadays, even a small business has its own app. You may need to offer an app to your users. Before finalizing an app design, it is better to generate a prototype. There are different prototyping platforms. Among those, CanvasFlip is an impressive one.

Review of CanvasFlip at a Glance

Generally, we depend on some professionals to get our desired app. But, it is possible to generate these apps without taking help from others. Many people think that a big coding experience is required to create these things. This belief is not right in this modern era. You can easily generate several prototypes and test their functionality. Then, it is very easy to finalize the suitable one. No coding experience is needed to do so. All you need is to choose a reliable platform. My recommendation is to depend on the CanvasFlip. This solution comes with a big number of features and facilities. From here, purchase the best growing design testing SaaS solution with coupon and get the CanvasFlip discount.

Prototyping with Ease

CanvasFlip is compatible with an interesting plugin named Sketch. This plugin will introduce an art board to your solution. That is why, you will be able to add several things very easily. We have seen that some apps have unique interfaces. Sketch Plugin is very helpful to add such interfaces. This solution allows to add various types of hotspots to a prototype with its drag and drop functionality. Getting feedbacks from the users is very much important. CanvasFlip is capable of collecting these feedbacks with ease. It also offers a wireframing kit. This kit includes a big collection of primary symbols.


CanvasFlip Coupon and Pricing Options

The Starter License of this solution is available for only $15/month for a single user. It is suitable for dealing with 3 different prototypes. Another single user license is out there. The Professional License is available for only $25/month. It supports unlimited prototypes. Sometimes, you may love to work in a team. That is why, the Team License of CanvasFlip is available. As per 11 August 2018, this license is available for only 99 USD per month except the coupon. It supports maximum 5 users. Your team may create unlimited prototypes with it. A customized Enterprise License is also offered. This one can be purchased for a team of any size.

Some Other Features

Maintaining the scroll position is very much important. If you do not maintain that then the navigation can be shown on any unwanted part of a screen. For this reason, CanvasFlip has a separate program to maintain this scroll position. Similarly, a prototype may require various types of gestures and transitions. This solution helps to add these things with ease. A timer can make an app more productive. CanvasFlip supports different types of timers. You don’t have to face any kind of difficulties to add these items.

Hence, please purchase nicely with the CanvasFlip coupon and pick best growing design testing SaaS solution with the discount.