Brinkster Discount, Have Special Coupon and Review

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Brinkster discount

Review and Features of Brinkster

No matter what type of website you have, suitable hosting facility will be needed for that. And for such facility, you have to rely on a well-known hosting providing company. Actually, there are many of them, but all are not recommendable. Brinkster offers very impressive shared hosting service. That is why, this provider can be in the highly recommended category. With the shared hosting facility, this company also offers cloud servers and dedicated servers. So, buy the web based cloud server hosting solution with discount and get Brinkster coupon. Here are the main features of the services offered by this hosting provider:

Powerful Shared Hosting

Brinkster offers two types of shared hosting facility. One of those is Windows based and another is Linux based. The Windows based solution includes powerful website builder, network firewall and data backup facilities. It has three different plans. One of those is the Level 1 plan which has 200 GB web space and 2,000 GB bandwidth. The Linux based shared hosting also has the similar plan. But this one has some additional features. For example, very powerful webmail and domain name manager have been integrated in this Brinkster product. It also offers Yahoo search marketing voucher.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for self-managed dedicated servers, then this company is offering two types of them for you. One of those is the Romley/Ivy-Bridge, which is very powerful dedicated server. It is powered by CentOS 5 X64. 8 GB RAM and 3000 GB bandwidth has made it more powerful. Another option is the Sandy-Bridge plan which includes 4 GB RAM and 3000 GB bandwidth. Impressive Core i3 CPU with 3.1 GHz CPU is the top feature of this product.

Amazing Cloud Servers

The cloud servers of the Brinkster are very amazing. You can get the resources you need with the servers. That means, these are completely scalable. No upfront capital cost will be applied to this. You don’t have to focus on the infrastructure either. Because these servers are very good quality. And these can be deployed very quickly. One of the plans includes 512 MB RAM and 20 GB storage. But the largest one has very impressive 16 GB RAM and 120 GB SSD storage.

Brinkster discount

Affordable Pricing Plans and Discount

From the above discussion, it can be understood that, each of the Brinkster services has multiple pricing plans. And the price of those plans is completely affordable. For the Level 1 plan of shared hosting, you just have to pay 9.59 USD per month. The dedicated servers of this company are completely affordable too. For the Sandy-Bridge server, the monthly cost will be 94.05 USD. And for the more powerful Romley/Ivy-Bridge server, you have to pay 236.55 USD per month.

There are many plans for Brinkster Cloud Servers. The largest of them can be purchased by 202 USD for one month. So all these pricing info indicates that the services of this company are very powerful but affordable.

So, finally please purchase nicely with the Brinkster discount. Buy web based cloud server hosting solution with the coupon.