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Bridge24 Discount

The project is needed to be tracked in order to ensure that the projects providing the constant results. Therefore, users always need to track and take their online projects. Bridge24 can help the users all the tracking of projects and provide the users the real time results related to it.

Chats and review of Bridge24

Bridge24 can provide the users the overall perspective of the market. Users can get the report and chart to understand the standards of their project in the global market. Global marketing is fascinating and sometimes it is very challenging. It is very difficult to keep control over projects on all over the word from headquarters. It can cause a problem in time gap or even in communication gap. Using this application allows the users to check on the groups so that users can check their standing in online and users can find enough resources to find results in online business.

This program also allows the users to get the chance to export the report and see the results. Users can take the results strategies after exporting. It provides a lot of independence to the users to check on the effectiveness of the result. Users can view the task in an even grid from as well with this application. It will help the users and what is going on in tasks without making calls to the project manager. Hence, please get the enchances reporting & exporting capabilities solution with discount and take the Bridge24 coupon.


Export Everything

Bridge24 allows the users not only to export the task, but also to export the overall result of the product. This application can allow the users to export comments, documentations, custom fields and many more. It provides the users opportunity to select things that are better for their own good in this case. It can create the customizable report. Users are allowed to convert high quality pdf and excel file easily.

List project View

Bridge24 allows the users to check on the list of the project from as the board projects and users will be able to manipulate the results based on it. List of projects also can be viewed as the board projects. Users can add multiple filters on the information. When users add a filter on the information, it becomes easier to access the information the users are wanting. It saves the time to find the correct information. Users as well can add multiple level of grouping to add new groups to the projects. Peoples are allowed to add tasks to the site. Users are even allowed to modify the tasks as well.

Bridge 24 Discount and Premium Packages

Bridge24 has 2 different types of pricing plans. It provides the users the premium monthly package. It also offers the users the premium annual packages. The premium monthly package has been priced from 6.75 dollars to 12 dollars per month except the discount. The premium yearly package is priced from 4.50 dollars to 8 dollars per month.

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