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AwardSpace Review

AwardSpace and the Review

To maintain the best success in the web section, we have to assure some terms. Among of these terms, hosting section is an essential condition. To manage the web hosting services, many reliable platforms have been built up. Among of these platforms, AwardSpace is a trusted one. This web hosting platform offers various facilities like VPS hosting, domain name registration process, reseller hosting and the related facilities. Besides, under this, the users will get the term of flexible website building process with the needed templates using process. To enable this, it offers some sequential steps and the tools. Moreover, it has proved itself as a leading one hosting company because of its outstanding data centres and the services. Thus, buy the excellent web hosting provider solution with review and avail the AwardSpace.

Various packages and their features

Shared Web Hosting: One of the best features under this section is the low price. After that, you won’t need to apply the technical maintenance system under this. The flexible web hosting features offered by AwardSpace is very supportive and user friendly. It assures the flexible control panel section. After that, the file uploading process in the corresponding site, email account creating system database management system and other tasks can be organized easily through this solution. In the server section, it affords the best supporting format. In the Shared Web Hosting section, the basic features like storage section, data transfer system, data backup procedure, website building process, network uptime procedure are maintained in a user friendly way. Moreover, the domain names, FTP accounts, domain lock controlling system can also be managed through this.


Reseller hosting: In the reseller hosting section, AwardSpace maintains the needed terms and the conditions. On any reseller website the users will get VPS hosting, SSL certificate, domain name and the other functions. This platform works with the needed tools by which the reseller website paid hosting and other terms can be managed.

Domain registration: In the case of domain name registration process, all the helpful tools are provided by which the users can assure the best domain name registration process. According to the website content, you can pick up the best domain name from the available list. Here, the functions of controlling DNS system, EPP key system are also available.

Available packages offered by AwardSpace

AwardSpace offers various packages by maintaining the user’s demand. The Max Pack Plus is available with the pricing condition for $5.83/month. Web pro plus hosting plan can be obtained through $4.57/month. In the hosting package of Basic, 0.17/month is needed. All these three packages offer unlimited disk space and unlimited traffic using process. In the package of Free Web Hosting, only 250 MB disk space and 5 GB traffic are available.

From here, please purchase nicely with the AwardSpace review. Gain excellent web hosting provider solution with the pricing.