Bitdefender Windows 8 Security Review, New and Improved

Bitdefender windows 8 security is mainly designed for the security for Windows 8 version of Windows OS. Generally, strong threats attack Windows OS rapidly than other OS.

That’s why the security for Windows is very essential. Many anti-virus products are available for Windows platform.  But in maximum cases, they are not reliable. On the contrary, Bitdefender windows 8 security is a dependable product for the security of your data to accurately.

bitdefender windows 8 security

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

Most attractive programs of this software, it has very efficient anti-malware system. Like the antivirus tool of Bitdefender it has the safe pay program which will keep the information about all the online bank accounts and the transaction histories of those accounts. It also keeps the information in those accounts away from the hackers. The social media accounts of yours will be protected by this software very strongly. It can hide all the notifications and popups from you by making the decision automatically by its autopilot program.

Key Features

It will help you to choose the perfect software for your PC, with its built-in program. Its antivirus program is very effective for removing all kinds of viruses in a very short time. It can remove those viruses which are very difficult to remove and in necessary it will reboot your system. This software has the very strong parental control by using which you can see the complete report about the browsing histories of your child and also block the inappropriate websites from them.

It will check the USB drives when you attach those to your PC and recheck those before disconnecting. So there will be no possibility of any damage in your PC and your friend’s PC due to those drives. It can filter all the links of the websites to select the safe websites. You can watch the security level of your computer and manage this software remotely from any computer.

It has the anti-phishing program for which you will be known about the phishing websites before visiting and the anti-theft program for which you can remotely block and locate your device after that is stolen. It can work as a tune up tool for your PC. The security will provide you the free online storage where you can save any private file.
Above all, this product is very reliable to the users for the security of the Windows.

bitdefender security review

Different Products of the Security

Bitdefender Total Security: It is applicable for using a product of Bitdefender for more than 1 PC. You can use this product in business sector. As Windows is a common OS for the users that’s why the threats are also countless. Besides, many unknown threats have been discovered for Windows 8, latest version of Windows. Bitdefender occupies the ability to detect those unknown threats.

Bitdefender internet security: With Windows 8, you can browse the internet quickly. Here Bitdefender internet security works as a catalyst. It keeps your Windows clean by detecting threats, viruses, etc. It blocks the untrusted sites and links from attacking your computer system.

Bitdefender anti-virus: This feature of Bitdefender is helpful to keep your Windows safe from unknown viruses. After scanning your computer system it remove the junk file so that those files can’t damage your Windows and important document.

Bitdefender Total Security Product

As everybody knows, all the products of Bitdefender are very strong and innovative. Among all the products of Bitdefender the strongest one is the Total Security. It has achieved huge popularity for all the users across the world.