Atomic WHOIS Database Review | Extract Contact Information

One of the most innovative types of products of the Atomic Brand is the WHOIS Explorer, which will help you to find out the email addresses and the contact information of the owners of the websites.

For its ease of use and attractive features, this tool has achieved satisfactory feedback from its users.

Atomic WHOIS Database

Email marketing sector is covered with a lot of software products. Various software products are engaged here for various purposes. Such a mandatory software product is Atomic WHOIS Database system. It is mainly a collection with 15 million domains. These domain names contain all the corresponding contact details. It is used like a white page. The information stored in this database center can reflect the information of every registration.

Atomic WHOIS Database

By using this, you can find out the email from WHOIS database. It generally contains the information of the website owners as well as the administrators. From this section you can observe domain name, registration date, expiration date, the registrant’s name, email id, fax number, address, telephone number and so on. Besides, it can be linked up with Atomic Mail Sender and the Atomic List manager.

Basic Functions

It can work with the servers and databases for finding out the contact info of the site owners. Especially it can Search the WHOIS database which actually keeps the total description of the domains and the owners. Another attractive offer, is it will inform you about the expiration date of any website.

Why To Choose This Software

This tool is very easy for managing because you just have to enter the name of the website or the domain you are looking for and then it will find out what you need. This application is very efficient that it can deal with all types of domains; even it can work with both local and international domains. Unlike the other similar kind of tools, Atomic WHOIS Explorer will find out the contact numbers of the owners and the validation period of the websites with the respective email addresses.

It doesn’t need any help from the proxy servers for its work. But for the limitations of the computers you can use several proxy servers like socks 4 & 4A, etc. When it operates it uses the multithread mode and that is why it can work very fast and deal with large numbers of domain at a time. You can see the expanded log when it operates and that log will show you instantly with which domain it is working at that moment. All the info will be shown to you in decorated tables. You will be able to filter the contacts that it will find and pick those which you need. All the info with respective domain names can extract to all the document pages. This tool can perfectly integrate with the other servers of Atomic brand.

Atomic WHOIS Database review

The features of Atomic WHOIS Database

Atomic WHOIS Database supports almost all sectors of commercial and geographical zone. On the contrary, some programs only support.Net, .Org, .com etc. Besides, the international domain names can process by this. It ensures to retrieve not only the email addresses but also all the essential information that is needed.

It has the ability to access into the internet without using proxy servers. But there is a single limitation here, which is the simultaneous access from any single PC. Besides, it supports the multithread mood. The supporting facility of multithread mood allows the quick searching process in the internet. The functionality of expanded log previews all the concerning results from the domains. The information will display like a structured table where every contact type can place in a separate column. But you can use the limitation in the file extracting process. In this case, the filter out program will preview the selected information from the contact type.