Atomic Brand Program Review | Email Campaign Software

If you want to run an email campaign then first of all you have to ensure that your email recipient list is very effective and unique. The addresses cannot be checked manually in short time.

So you have to rely on some software or programs in this case. The products of the Atomic brand will let you have the list of unique and active email addresses. It has other products which will help you to read and reply the emails.

Atomic Brand

Overview of the Atomic Brand

Different types of software and tools must be used to the computers for various purposes. If you have to use your computer for professional tasks, then you must use more software and programs. Many software companies provide a large number of products and each company has some unique type of products. The products of the Atomic brand are necessary for the email sending, replying and for the email campaigns. All the products of this brand are very useful and efficient.

Atomic List Manager

When you will work with a list of email addresses then you can use this product of the Atomic brand because this product will ensure that the recipient list is perfect for email campaigns. It will quickly eliminate the duplicate email addresses from the list. It can also be used for sorting the email addresses depending on different terms. If you want to create one unique list from multiple lists, then you can also use this software of Atomic brand. Atomic List Manager will help you to extract the email addresses also.

Atomic Mail Sender

The main function of this product of the Atomic brand is to send the emails very quickly to a large number of recipients. This is one of the most popular products of Atomic. To reach the emails to the recipients in the fastest time, this software uses three types of SMTP servers one of which is the built in SMTP of this product. If it is impossible to send the emails directly to the recipients using the built in SMTP then this software will use any of other two servers. It can import email addresses from anywhere and any file. It can send emails with any type of attachments.

Atomic CD Email Extractor

Sometimes you may need to extract the email addresses from the CDs or DVDs very quickly. In this case, you can use the CD Email Extractor of the Atomic brand. It has the capability to choose only those unique email addresses with which you have never worked.

Atomic Brand review

Atomic Mail Verifier

It is very important to be sure about the validity of the email addresses before starting the email campaign. This product of the Atomic brand can be used to check the validity of the email addresses perfectly. It has three layers of checking the validity. First, it will find out the invalid addresses from the list and then it will make sure that the domains of the addresses are available or not. Finally it will scan the mail servers for checking the presence of the email addresses to those servers.

Atomic Lead Extractor

Are you looking for such program which can collect the contact information from the websites? For this purpose, you can choose the Atomic Lead Extractor which is one of the most efficient products of the atomic brand. The process of using this software is very easy. You just have to enter the URL of desired website or enter the keyword to search all the websites related to that keyword and then this software will find out the contact information from all those websites.

Atomic Email Logger

You may not know that there can be so many email addresses stored on the hard disk of your computer. If you do not have internet connection then you will not be able to collect the email addresses from online. In this case you can use Atomic Email Logger software which has the capability to find out the email addresses from the hard disk of your computer. This innovative software is very easy to use and it is also very fast.