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To ensure the flexible performance in every sector, modern technology has issued many software products. Business sector cannot be separated from this.

To perform the profit in any business firm, you need to assure a lot of catalyst. For the proper management system of any business firm, you can afford many software products.

Antamedia REview

Antamedia Point of Sale and Review

The activities of the products differ from various sections. To control the product delivery management, billing method, Antamedia Point of Sale is considered as one of the best software programs. In fact; more than thousands of business sectors are using it to organize the selling system, notification management process, product inventory monitoring system etc. Moreover, users can track down all the activity of the customers, purchase order and so on. Besides, the market value of any product can be viewed with sufficient information with the touch of this. Simply, you can observe the whole controlling power of your business through this software program.

The features under Antamedia Pont of Sale

This software product can be installed on any Windows PC. Though, it is mainly designed for the Windows 7 OS but it can also be used in the previous and later versions of Windows OS. All the functionalities will be viewed and activated in all versions of Windows system. After you have completed the installation process of this program, you need to register this to rise up the total number of terminals under POS. Then, all the POS can be connected with the same database system. Due to this system, the inventory information can be shared among the operators. Among the existing editions of POS, the Enterprise edition is very flexible for the users as it offers unlimited clients in any location.


Product item of POS

The inventory center of POS allows the users to configure any specific item that is needed to be sold. Users can define the product name and assign the category of that product with the corresponding pricing system. Besides, the tax limit, image system, product description can also be applied to the product. Generally, the visual system of any product ensures the best looking of any product. You can adjust any picture with any product automatically.

Inventory tracking

To assure the monitoring process of every product in your business, POS is very helpful. The checking process of the available products in the stock and the product delivery management can be managed with this. Besides, if you want to change the price of any product, then you can do this in the manual process. In fact; to run your business without any complexity, POS is one of the best solutions.