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Vienna 3 Beta 10

Google Reader is Dead. Too bad we spent so much time to implement it… But Google Reader was just an option when using Vienna 3, and it was not the default option.

Vienna is also (and mainly) a very capable standalone RSS feed reader.

OS X Daily writes :

Vienna is an excellent RSS reader for Mac users, and for most people either Vienna or NetNewsWire will be their best bets on the Mac side of things. Free, super easy to subscribe to new feeds, a very familiar interface, Vienna is all around a winning choice for following and managing RSS subscriptions. This is now our top choice for the Mac.


So, to mark our willingness to go forward, Vienna 3 Beta 10 was released today. And we think it is reasonable to promote it as the default download.

Because even if it not yet completely finished, it is much more stable than the 2.6 version. And with its new revamped look, it looks so much better ! So, give it a try and spread the word.

Download the latest Vienna

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Vienna beta binaries back… on SourceForge

Update Jan 1st, 2013 : Refers to Beta 8

Hello to the readers of this blog from Barijaona, a relatively recent contributor to Vienna’s code.

Vienna 3.0.0 Beta 8 is out ! Yes, there is a change in versions naming, but we are still speaking about the “product” some adventurous users have tried for a few weeks (and which has occasionnally burned their wings…).

Unfortunately, automatic update will not work for these users, as Github has stopped hosting binary files. I highly recommend them to manually download the new beta by following this link. The hosting is provided by SourceForge. Thanks to them for providing for years important parts of this project infrastructure !

I did not encounter problems with this version for weeks now, but less tech-savvy people should not forget that we are speaking about a beta : I cannot yet certify that it is as stable as 2.6.0. You have been warned : it’s a good idea to backup from time to time the Vienna folder in ~/Application Support.

Thanks to the contributions of Github user @dak180, we have reorganized the different files of the project and its build architecture. We hope it will encourage more people to have a peek on the code, to see what is under the hood !

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Vienna 3 BETA with Google Reader Synch

UPDATED Jan 2nd 2012 : download link has been updated and refers to 3.0.0 Beta 8

Since I transferred Vienna’s development to GitHub, we have been getting lots and lots of great contributions to the project. Chief among new contributors are Salvatore Ansani and Barijaona Ramaholimihaso. Their work has led to a new release of Vienna, which you can now download here:

Download Vienna 3 BETA

They have been working on a slew of bug-fixes and improvements (Google Reader support!) that you can now find in Vienna 3 BETA:


  • Fix other nasty crashes on Mountain Lion


  • Fix some nasty crashes on Mountain Lion which occurred when closing tabs
  • Fix the “Check for newer versions of Vienna at startup” preference
  • Make the knob of the vertical scrollbar more visible when reading long lists on Lion/Mountain Lion
  • Other minor bugfixes and code cleaning


  • Fix fetching of icons associated to feeds.
    Note : users of previous versions are invited to use the “Refresh Folder Images” menu item
  • Better accessibility for people with visual impairment through VoiceOver
  • Completely logout from Google Reader when the “Sync with Google Reader” preference is unchecked
  • Builds are now signed with Developer IDs delivered by Apple, to meet Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper default requirements.


  • Google Reader support ! Each feed can either be local (especially authenticated feeds, which are not handled by Google Reader), or hosted on Google Reader
  • 64 bit support
  • Full Screen support on Mac OSX Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Fixes running on Leopard and on PowerPC
  • Fixes feeds whose titles are XHTML or contain linefeeds/carriage returns
  • Fixes Atom feeds with relative links
  • Stay on Discrete Graphics mode on Macs having dual graphics cards
  • Improved web browser experience (persistent cookies)
  • Some functions which were only available on Report or Condensed layout are now available on Unified layout
  • Increased timeout for feeds refresh
  • Larger use of multi-threading
  • Compiled with LLVM
  • Binaries are now signed to avoid blockade by Mountain Lion’s gatekeeper default settings (for first run, you’ll have to right click and select ‘Open’)
  • Many other bugfixes
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2.6 out of beta

2.6 has been stable for a very, very long time – so I’ll just make it official :-) One small but handy thing that I added is a plugin for effortless sharing with Buffer. It’s a very useful service that has popped up between the beta release and now – check it out and have fun!

Vienna 2.6 supports user-creatable plugins

Click to download: Vienna 2.6

Vienna development moves to GitHub

As of yesterday, Vienna development happens over at GitHub. All our Subversion commit history going back to 2005 was migrated into a new Git repository. The trunk will now always contain the version currently being worked on. Source for all previous releases will be available as separate tags (2.0.0 to 2.6.0).

To get the latest source, simply paste the following into a shell prompt:

git clone

To do this, you will need an up-to-date version of the Git version control system. I recommend installing it via homebrew, an awesome package manager for Mac OS X. Alternatively, you can use GitHub’s freely available GUI client: GitHub for Mac. The latter will also optionally install the command line tools for you.

Have fun :-)

Vienna 2.6 BETA

Steve Palmer just posted some information about Vienna 2.6 BETA to the forums. Read the release notes and then go and download it here. Please note that this is unsupported pre-release software.

New Developer – Curtis Faith (and a sneak peek)

Today, we would like to introduce a new contributor: Curtis Faith (a.k.a. inflector on the Forum). He’s not only a very interesting author but also, it turns out, a great programmer. You can download an alpha version of Vienna 2.6 that includes a handy new feature added by him: Full Web-Page Feeds. This is very handy for sites that only put headlines or very short summaries in their feeds. You can now set those to immediately load the associated web-page in the reading-pane:
Full Web Page Feds

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Thanks go to Tobias Ratschiller (PHP Black Belt, 10th Dan) and his company Senza Limiti. He just made a contribution to the project which will help support continued development. He’s also an all-around nice guy, which is a bonus ;-)

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Vienna 2.5 – The Social Sharing Edition

The Vienna Dev Team is proud to announce the release of Vienna 2.5. Among other things, it adds extendability via a new plugin development API and fixes a small number of bugs. To be more precise, the new plugins make it extremely simple to extend Vienna with sharing capabilities that leverage social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Special thanks go to Curtis Faith, who contributed bug fixes for this release.

Vienna 2.5 supports user-creatable plugins

Click to download: Vienna 2.5


This release requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) to run.


  • User Interface refresh: Removed the grey headers, made the vertical divider easier to grab and made filtering more discoverable.
  • Added support for plugins.
  • Added support for search engine plugins and the ability to do web-searches from the toolbar.
  • Added support for blog editor plugins.
  • Added support for sharing plugins that work like bookmarklets for social websites.
  • Added support for script plugins.
  • Added Share With Facebook button.
  • Added Share With Evernote button.
  • Added Share With Twitter button with automatic URL shortening via
  • Added user contributed “Share with Delicious” plugin to the core distribution. Thanks to forum user czanderna.
  • Update to the current version of Sparkle, which prevents auto-updating to a version of Vienna which will not run on the user’s system.
  • Fix bug where deleting a feed in Unified view mode would cause Vienna to stop working correctly.
  • Fix bug where changing the article font size would crash Vienna.
  • Fix bug that caused zombiefied update spinners (thanks to Curtis Faith).
  • Fix bug that caused the reading position to be lost upon refresh (thanks to Curtis Faith).

Devs: Teach your app about Vienna, NNW and others

Just as a quick reminder: Vienna, NetNewsWire and probably a few other apps implement Brent Simmon’s excellent and useful External Weblog Editor Interface. If you implement the receiving portion of this protocol, we can send you information about posts, websites, etc. which you can then re-use in your application.

Vienna even has a facility for creating plugins (with toolbar buttons and menu entries) that make this process a one-click affair for your users. If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask on the Developer Forum. Applications that already implement this include Cocoalicious, Pukka, Ecto, MarsEdit, etc…

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