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UPDATED Jan 2nd 2012 : download link has been updated and refers to 3.0.0 Beta 8

Since I transferred Vienna’s development to GitHub, we have been getting lots and lots of great contributions to the project. Chief among new contributors are Salvatore Ansani and Barijaona Ramaholimihaso. Their work has led to a new release of Vienna, which you can now download here:

Download Vienna 3 BETA

They have been working on a slew of bug-fixes and improvements (Google Reader support!) that you can now find in Vienna 3 BETA:


  • Fix other nasty crashes on Mountain Lion


  • Fix some nasty crashes on Mountain Lion which occurred when closing tabs
  • Fix the “Check for newer versions of Vienna at startup” preference
  • Make the knob of the vertical scrollbar more visible when reading long lists on Lion/Mountain Lion
  • Other minor bugfixes and code cleaning


  • Fix fetching of icons associated to feeds.
    Note : users of previous versions are invited to use the “Refresh Folder Images” menu item
  • Better accessibility for people with visual impairment through VoiceOver
  • Completely logout from Google Reader when the “Sync with Google Reader” preference is unchecked
  • Builds are now signed with Developer IDs delivered by Apple, to meet Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper default requirements.


  • Google Reader support ! Each feed can either be local (especially authenticated feeds, which are not handled by Google Reader), or hosted on Google Reader
  • 64 bit support
  • Full Screen support on Mac OSX Lion and Mountain Lion
  • Fixes running on Leopard and on PowerPC
  • Fixes feeds whose titles are XHTML or contain linefeeds/carriage returns
  • Fixes Atom feeds with relative links
  • Stay on Discrete Graphics mode on Macs having dual graphics cards
  • Improved web browser experience (persistent cookies)
  • Some functions which were only available on Report or Condensed layout are now available on Unified layout
  • Increased timeout for feeds refresh
  • Larger use of multi-threading
  • Compiled with LLVM
  • Binaries are now signed to avoid blockade by Mountain Lion’s gatekeeper default settings (for first run, you’ll have to right click and select ‘Open’)
  • Many other bugfixes