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Vienna 3.1 is out

Vienna 3.1.0 is out. It is a recommended update for all Vienna users. It requires OS X 10.8 or later.

Included changes :
– Added a search field in subscriptions tree for searching a feed
– Modern memory management (ARC)
– Modern frameworks for database queue management, JSON file parsing, XML parsing…
– Some code refactoring
– New handling of articles cache
and many bug fixes.

We continue working on more radical changes for upcoming versions.

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Vienna 3 (stable version) is out

We are happy and proud to announce that Vienna 3 is out !

This version is considered stable and is recommended to all users.
It requires OS X 10.6 or better, and benefits from some of the features of the newer versions of OS X.
It is Mac OS X Yosemite compatible.

Download link.

This is also an important day for us developers.  Recently, we were obliged to be relatively conservative, because we know the importance of Vienna for many users who use it daily : as an example, Vienna is currently the most popular project on SourceForge in category RSS. Version 2.6.0 was too old to maintain and we could not recommend it anymore, so we were obliged to encourage the use of betas.

We currently have many ideas for improving Vienna, but many of them require some radical changes and we could not introduce them before this new stable version was out. With the release of this 3.0.0 version, we are more free to venture into new territories. That means you can expect more significant changes in the future !

Summary of changes between Vienna and Vienna 3.0.0

– Syncing between multiple devices of your articles’ read/unread and flagged/unflagged statuses is available through online services such as,, or
Please, note that using these online services remains completely optional, and can be set on a per-feed basis. You can still manage all your feeds in Vienna only.
– Changed the Unified layout to allow actions on individual articles
– Renamed Report layout to “Horizontal”, Condensed layout to “Vertical”, as the previous names were confusing
– New plugins : Instapaper, Pocket, Safari reading list, Google Plus, Hootsuite
– New default style for articles and new optional styles
– Two new filters : “Last 48 hours” and “Unread or flagged”
– Improved accessibility
– Added a “Reindex Database” menu item (for maintenance)
– Many localization improvements
– Many, many bugfixes (and probably only a few new ones… 😉 )
– Modernized architecture (64 bits compatible, OS X Yosemite SDK, multithreading on refreshes)

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Vienna 3 Beta 16 is out

Vienna 3 Beta 16 requires MacOS X Leopard (10.6) or later.

We highly recommend all users of previous versions to upgrade to this version. Don’t let the “beta” label impress you : it is much better than 2.6. Download link

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Vienna, in support of openness

We are very happy to present Vienna 3 Beta 12.

The announcement of the end of Google Reader was indeed a shock ; but it also opened to talented developers and entrepreneurs a new range of opportunities for presenting some alternatives. For Vienna users, the end result should be more choice.

Vienna started as a standalone RSS reader. It is still perfectly able to be used this way.

But in a world where the use of portable devices is frequent, total or partial synchronisation of reading lists was a much needed feature. Now, we are able to indicate to Vienna’s users at least three working solutions :

Other services might work too, now or in the near future. We chose to support what is called the Open Reader API, which is best summarized by this post by Marco Arment. Bazqux and FeedHQ were considered a priority, because the commitment of their teams to this openness approach was clear. And they were very supportive of our efforts, providing ideas for current and future developments.

We will probably be able to add support of The Old Reader a little later. Feedly support might follow one day, but this is not yet a commitment, as a documentation review has yet to be done…

For mobile devices, we currently know of two applications which both support Bazqux and FeedHQ :

Please, note that we haven’t tested these iOS apps ourselves. Other solutions will probably emerge.

There are other changes in Vienna Beta 12. Here are the most important :

  • Renamed our layouts : Horizontal, Vertical and Unified
  • The Unified layout has been completely rewritten. It now allows selection of an article (by use of a right click or a click in the left margin) for sharing it or marking it.
  • Vienna’s integrated browser is now able to present the user a file selection dialog (for instance for uploading a file)
  • Added a “Reindex Database” menu item
  • Fix problems with icons in Leopard and Snow Leopard
  • Visual tweaks and improvements
  • Translation improvements (Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Korean)
  • Many bugfixes

And please, if you have been an user of Vienna for a while, take a minute to answer this poll on keyboard shortcuts.

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If you are a Google Reader user…

It is important that you save your Google Reader subscription list before the service shuts down on July 1st ! This can be done with Google Takeout. Do it as soon as possible !!
The interesting part is the subscriptions.xml file, which is an OPML file.

The next version of Vienna will support the “Open Reader API“, allowing synchronization through services supporting it.

Bazqux and FeedHQ are the services I am currently testing with, and we made significant progresses in the last 48 hours. I’d like to thank Vladimir and Bruno for being so open-minded regarding interoperability and for their help.
Bazqux and FeedHQ are also supported by Mr. Reader (iPad) and Feeddler Pro (iPhone).

If you prefer to wait before subscribing to a sync services, you can have your feeds set locally :
– save your Google Reader subscription list as described before,
– in Vienna Preferences, uncheck “Sync with Google Reader”
– To avoid duplicates, delete all feeds/folders marked with “[G]”
– use the “File->Import Subscriptions…” menu item and select the subscriptions.xml file

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Vienna 3 Beta 10

Google Reader is Dead. Too bad we spent so much time to implement it… But Google Reader was just an option when using Vienna 3, and it was not the default option.

Vienna is also (and mainly) a very capable standalone RSS feed reader.

OS X Daily writes :

Vienna is an excellent RSS reader for Mac users, and for most people either Vienna or NetNewsWire will be their best bets on the Mac side of things. Free, super easy to subscribe to new feeds, a very familiar interface, Vienna is all around a winning choice for following and managing RSS subscriptions. This is now our top choice for the Mac.


So, to mark our willingness to go forward, Vienna 3 Beta 10 was released today. And we think it is reasonable to promote it as the default download.

Because even if it not yet completely finished, it is much more stable than the 2.6 version. And with its new revamped look, it looks so much better ! So, give it a try and spread the word.

Download the latest Vienna

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Vienna beta binaries back… on SourceForge

Update Jan 1st, 2013 : Refers to Beta 8

Hello to the readers of this blog from Barijaona, a relatively recent contributor to Vienna’s code.

Vienna 3.0.0 Beta 8 is out ! Yes, there is a change in versions naming, but we are still speaking about the “product” some adventurous users have tried for a few weeks (and which has occasionnally burned their wings…).

Unfortunately, automatic update will not work for these users, as Github has stopped hosting binary files. I highly recommend them to manually download the new beta by following this link. The hosting is provided by SourceForge. Thanks to them for providing for years important parts of this project infrastructure !

I did not encounter problems with this version for weeks now, but less tech-savvy people should not forget that we are speaking about a beta : I cannot yet certify that it is as stable as 2.6.0. You have been warned : it’s a good idea to backup from time to time the Vienna folder in ~/Application Support.

Thanks to the contributions of Github user @dak180, we have reorganized the different files of the project and its build architecture. We hope it will encourage more people to have a peek on the code, to see what is under the hood !

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